Rafflecopter Contest

CONGRATULATIONS, JOY! I’ve just emailed to ask you where I should send your copy of Wicked Wager. Thank you so much for entering the Rafflecopter contest! Win a Paperback or Large Print copy of Wicked Wager Plus a bag of Caramello Koalas “It wasn’t what I expected in a romance, but then sometimes the unexpected … Read more

Wedding Violet Extract (New pre-order)

A few days ago I returned from South Australia after a week of painting and plastering our three cottages there. I’m about to post some pictures on Facebook but suffice to say it was great fun, though tiring! Especially the ten-hour drive home which I did on my own as my husband had to fly … Read more

Wicked Wager Extract #3

  Here is the third extract from Wicked Wager in which my heroine, Celeste, discovers the true identity of the man she kissed unexpectedly at Vauxhall Gardens. Wicked Wager (A Georgian Romance)  By Beverley Oakley Lord Cowdril’s family seat dated back to Elizabethan times, with neat gravelled paths and formal gardens providing a charming venue … Read more

Wicked Wager Extract #2

Here we have a second extract from Wicked Wager, my “Dangerous Liaisons-esque” novel of Georgian splendour and intrigue. Oh, but I just have to make that sacque-backed gown like the one Glenn Close wore to the opera. The manners, the clothes and the secret language of eye-rolls and enigmatic looks behind ivory fans is just … Read more

Wicked Wager – special preorder price of 99c

Who doesn’t love a Wicked Wager? My formative years were in the 1980s. Having been a dramatic teenager who thrived on gothic tragedy and who devoured the 19th century classics, I fell in love with the 1988 period romantic drama film, Dangerous Liaisons starring Glenn Close, John Malkovich, Michelle Pfeiffer, Keanu Reeves and Uma Thurmann. The convoluted … Read more

Daughters of Sin Box Set Special

With just another couple of days left during which the first three books in my Daughters of Sin series is discounted to only 99c, I thought I’d post my favourite review of 2018 here. It’s on Goodreads and I felt it epitomised the series as a whole. You see, while Daughters of Sin is categorised … Read more

Keeping Faith ~ Release Day

Today is release day for Keeping Faith, the latest in my Fair Cyprians of London series. Yes, it’s exciting, but it’s also lots of hard work. Writing the book is only the start. The first draft, that is. Then those ideas swirling around and thrown down on paper have to be whipped into shape, polished … Read more

Excerpt from Keeping Faith

With only 17 days until the release of Keeping Faith, I thought I’d better post an extract. A blog tour is going to start in a few days and there’ll be prizes and more extracts so do come back if you want to follow along. First, though, a little bit about the concept. For those … Read more