Two FREE Writing Workshops!

2 Free writing workshops - July 27 & August 24


                     Examples of self-published memoirs and novels

Discover how to best tell your story in these two writing workshops. Whether you are writing a memoir, short story or a novel, learn about style and strategies to improve your writing.

      Where:   Sunbury Youth & Library Centre.
51-53 Evans Street,


       Who:     Ages 15+

       When:   Saturday 27 July & 24 August


       Cost:     Free

       Both sessions are required

Bookings 9356 6970 or


Workshop 1 – Laying the Groundwork. Character, setting, research. How do we make optimum choices when beginning a fiction or memoir project? Which perspective and character POV ‘point of view’ will strengthen – or limit – the scope of your work? How do you achieve the right tone and pacing for a suspense novel, versus a romance or a memoir?
Workshop 2 – Plotting workshop – Goal, motivation, conflict. Every protagonist – in fiction and non-fiction – is motivated to achieve a clearly defined goal, which drives the narrative. In this session, we use laminated cut-out characters and settings to explore a character's outer vs secret or inner motivations. Knowing this helps you tease out the theme, or themes, of your story, which will, in turn, help you strengthen the work as a whole.
Just as some background to the class, there will be a couple of in-class writing exercises where we layer techniques and, later, discuss. However, I never ask anyone to read out their work.

I teach day and evening Creative Writing classes and self-publishing classes at Macedon Ranges Further Education and the Centre of Adult Education in Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD.

If you have questions or want to know when the next class is, please use my contact page or email me at


These are three of the seven volumes of memoirs I’ve self published on my father’s behalf using a hard cover version through Ingram Spark.

Here are some paperback copies of my novels that I formatted and self-published using Ingram Spark so that they are available from the Book Depository, libraries and bricks and mortar bookshops worldwide.

A sample of the interior of a self-published book using Ingram Spark.