Daughters of Sin: Her Gilded Prison, Dangerous Gentlemen, The Mysterious Governess

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Books 1-3 of the Daughters of Sin series

What do the readers think?

Really liked it!

“What a fun read! I really liked how the story kept surprising me at every turn!

“Very different from the usual formulaic romance novels my favorite platform recommends I read, this book cleverly plays with the tropes of the genre and either reverse them or give them a new twist. So, instead of the rich, single, older, womanizing experienced nobleman falling for the poor, equally single, younger, virgin innocent, lower class girl, we have Stephen Cranborne, a poor single young man (made even poorer after chapter 1) falling for Lady Sybil Partington, an unhappily married older noblewoman. And it works.
The characters have some depth so it’s easy to understand their motivations and have sympathy for them. The necessary drama is provided by slightly over-the-top but highly entertaining secondary characters: cheating Humphrey, sweet Hetty, spoiled Araminta, scheming Lady Julia, mysterious Mrs. Hazlett and more.
And the end doesn’t disappoint as it is very unconventional and yet completely satisfying.

I’m off to read book 2 in the series!” ~ Sabine, Goodreads.

“This was a well-written, good read and not your usual Regency romance. Sybil, the lead female character, has been married for many years to a man who has never loved her. She has birthed two daughters to him and one son who dies young. Her husband has maintained a mistress, his long-time first love, for many years and has had children with her. Stephen, the husband’s heir arrives, and the gist of the story takes off at this point and this is where the story becomes quite engrossing. There are some steamy scenes in this story. Overall, my interest was kept and I couldn’t wait to see how everything evolved.” ~ Diana, Goodreads