Daughters of Sin


Book 1 of my Daughters of Sin series in which two nobly-born sisters and their illegitimate half-sisters compete for love while trying to bring to justice a handsome, dangerous nobleman.


Lady Sybil expects Stephen, her husband’s heir, to marry her beautiful eldest daughter, Araminta. But when Sybil and Stephen meet, a forbidden passion erupts between the two in this steamy Regency romance.

Despite proud, fiery Araminta and her shy, plain sister, Hetty, parading their very different charms before him, the young viscount-in-waiting is drawn to the quiet, unassuming Lady Sybil who has been trapped in a loveless marriage for twenty years while her husband spends most of his time with his mistress.

As Stephen introduces Sybil to every pleasure she’s been deprived of, duty and passion become a deep and mutual love.

But with the shock arrival of a contender to the estate, Sybil realises that what she’s set in motion, initially to save the family inheritance, might have tragic consequences.

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DANGEROUS GENTLEMEN (Daughters of Sin #2)

Shy, plain Hetty has no ambition to rival her older sister, Araminta, the ton’s reigning beauty.

Nor does she intend to snare handsome Sir Aubrey, the rich, mysterious viscount who has entranced her vain and determined sibling.

Sir Aubrey is far too dangerous and unpredictable…albeit completely delicious.

But when Sir Aubrey mistakes Hetty for a lady of the night, the innocent debutante can’t resist his fiery kisses.

As Hetty begins to dream of a future together, the whispers in society that Sir Aubrey is a traitor and a murderer can no longer be ignored. Now Hetty must find the courage to clear his name.

But can her reputation, and Sir Aubrey’s feelings for her, survive what a suspicious and vengeful Araminta has up her sleeve?

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The Mysterious GovernessTHE MYSTERIOUS GOVERNESS (Daughters of Sin #3)

Lissa Hazlett lives life in the shadows. The beautiful, unacknowledged daughter of Viscount Partington earns her living as drudge to the social climbing Lamonts while her vain and spoiled half sister, Araminta, enjoys London’s social whirl as its most feted debutante.

When Lissa’s rare talent as a portraitist brings her unexpectedly into the bosom of society – and into the midst of a scandal involving Araminta and suspected English traitor Lord Debenham – she finds an unlikely ally: charming and besotted Ralph Tunley, Lord Debenham’s underpaid, enterprising secretary. Ralph can’t afford to leave the employ of the villainous viscount much less keep a wife but as an accepted member of the ton he can help Lissa cleverly navigate a perilous web of lies that will ensure everyone gets what they deserve.

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Beyond Rubies

BEYOND RUBIES (Daughters of Sin #4)

Branded a bastard in her village, Kitty Hazlett runs away to find a more appreciative audience in London as Kitty La Bijou, celebrated actress, desired by princes and aristocrats.

She’s soon embroiled in a passionate but highly unsuitable love affair, despite the fact her greatest dream is for true love and respectability.

But when Kitty stumbles across Araminta, her nobly born half-sister, on the verge of giving birth barely seven months after marrying dangerous Viscount Debenham, Kitty realises respectability is no guarantee of character or happiness.

However, helping Araminta has unwittingly embroiled Kitty in a scandalous deception involving a ruthless brothel madam, a priceless ruby necklace and the future heir to a dazzling fortune.

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(Daughters of Sin #5)

In the thrilling conclusion to the Daughters of Sin series, the turbulent love affairs of four very different sisters are wrapped up.

Kitty is a celebrated actress with a heart of gold; Lissa is a shy yet daring wallflower with a talent for portraiture that has the potential to bring down the highest in the land. Their two half-sisters, shy, sweet Hetty and vain and spoiled Araminta who is the ton’s reigning beauty, have enjoyed a life of privilege as Lord Partington’s nobly born daughters.

Caught up in a high-stakes game of intrigue and deceit orchestrated by Araminta, each sister must play her part to bring justice to a dangerous traitor and find happiness for themselves.

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Daughters of Sin Box Set books 1-3DAUGHTERS OF SIN BOX SET (1-3)

Two nobly born debutantes and their illegitimate sisters – a governess and an actress – compete for love while bringing to justice a handsome, dangerous traitor in these passionate, intrigue-filled Regency romances.


Her Gilded Prison

Dangerous Gentlemen

The Mysterious Governess

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Daughters of Sin Box Set Books 1-5



Two nobly-born debutantes and their illegitimate half-sisters compete for love while trying to bring to justice a handsome, dangerous villain during a hectic Regency London season.

Caught up in a high-stakes game of intrigue and deceit orchestrated by the eldest sister – vain and ambitious Lady Araminta Partington, the ton’s reigning beauty – each sister must play her part to bring a dangerous traitor to justice while finding a man deserving of her love and special talents.

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