Loving Lily (Pre-order now)

Exciting news! Book 6 of my Fair Cyprians of London series is ready for pre-order.

Loving Lily
Loving Lily Book 6

Kidnapped from the lunatic asylum in Brussels where she was despatched by her husband two years earlier, Lily, Lady Bradden, has more at stake than just proving her sanity.

With no friends or support, her survival depends upon pleasing her abductor with her success at “communicating with the dead” at Mrs Moore’s Wednesday seances.

While Lily’s strong resemblance to the deceased daughter of a nobleman draws the crowds, the attendance of several murder suspects at her séances garners the interest of principled newspaper editor, Hamish McTavish.

Is the mysterious and enigmatic beauty complicit in the scam?

Hamish’s sizzling attraction to her complicates his investigation while her hot and cold responses to him undermines his trust.

As intrigue and deceit embroil Lily, she fears she is destined to be the next murder victim.

But just as she is ready to reveal her heart to Hamish, Lily realises she has been set up to appear the villain in his eyes.

Loving Lily is Book 6 in the Fair Cyprians of London series but can be read as a standalone romance.


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