Once Upon a Christmas Wedding Historical Romance Box Set

It’s been a while since I posted and it’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to exciting news. I’ve been doing a lot of flying – Hong Kong, around the state of Victoria where I live, and another trip into South Australia where my family lives.

Once upon a Christmas Wedding Box Set

In terms of gala reveals, I think nothing beats our amazing Once Upon a Christmas Wedding Box set that I’m thrilled to be part of. With a lineup of 27 best-selling international authors, we’ve been quietly and secretly putting together our offering which will be available a little later this month. For the first couple of weeks it’ll be on Amazon at a discounted rate – and free in Kindle Unlimited – after which the price will rise. And then after Christmas, it will be no more. So you’ll have to grab it when it’s here.

But don’t worry, I’ll let you know as soon as it’s released – since it won’t be on pre-order.

What is my book in the collection about?

I thought you’d never ask! It’s called Christmas Charity and it’s part of my Fair Cyprians of London series. Christmas Charity will be Book 5 in the series which features a group of spirited, enterprising young women who find themselves working for notorious brothel-keeper Madam Chambon, the owner of London’s most high class House of Assignation.

Charity is the daughter of a governess who’d had her out of wedlock having been seduced – then abandoned – by a handsome visitor to the household where she’d worked. When her mother had died, Charity had had to fend for herself, but the kind woman she’d met on the coach hadn’t directed her to where she could find work as a servant, she’d directed her to Madame Chambon, procuress for her high class House of Assignation.

Fortunately for Charity, her very first client is her soul mate. Hugo is a virgin, sent to Madame Chambon’s by his tyrannical father to lean to ‘be a man’. He’s also kind, sensitive and a talented painter.

But Hugo’s social-climbing father is determined that, with his newly acquired (though trade-tainted) fortune, his son is going to marry into the aristocracy.

And so his steely ambition to see his family rise in the world is pitted against Hugo’s gentle determination to marry the girl he loves.

Of course, you’ll want the blurb for Christmas Charity, which goes like this:

Reluctant courtesan, Charity, has found true love with Hugo, her first and only client. But when poet and artist, Hugo, is tricked into gambling away his impending inheritance, Charity finds herself at the mercy of Madam Chambon and her infamous house of ill-repute.

Can the two young lovers thwart the conspiracy between Hugo’s social-climbing father, and slippery cousin Cyril, so Hugo can make Charity his Christmas bride?

Stay tuned until the next snippet reveal. There are 27 fabulous stories in this wonderful box set so you’re in for a treat!