Printable Book List for Beverley Oakley’s Books

Printable List of Beverley Oakley’s Books

Daughters of Sin series

A very steamy, funny, witty and dangerous Regency-set ‘Dynasty’ featuring two nobly-born debutantes and their illegitimate sisters – laced with political intrigue, cheating spouses and, of course, dangerous gentlemen.

1. Her Gilded Prison
2. Dangerous Gentlemen
3. The Mysterious Governess
4. Beyond Rubies
5. Lady Unveiled: The Cuckold’s Conspiracy

Scandalous Miss Brightwells series

A humorous, sometimes steamy, matchmaking series – with some books sweeter and more sensual and poignant.

1. Rake’s Honour
2. Rogue’s Kiss
3. The Wedding Wager
4. The Accidental Elopement
5. The Honourable Fortune Hunter
6. The Courtship Caper
7. The Wilful Widow

Fair Cyprians of London series

A group of women who work in a high class House of Assignation find their unexpected happy-ever-after in a range of sweet to very steamy redemption stories.

1. Saving Grace
2. Forsaking Hope
3. Keeping Faith
4. Wedding Violet
5. Christmas Charity

  1. Loving LilyHearts in Hiding

    Historical romantic suspense, very steamy often showing the darker aspects of Regency society, including the dependence and subjugation of women – and how, against the odds, they find true love.

    1. The Duchess and the Highwayman
    2. The Bluestocking and the Rake
    3. Duchess of Seduction
    4. The Countess and the CavalierScandalous: Three Daring Charades

    Three sweet, yet intrigue-filled Regency historicals

    Lady Sarah’s Redemption
    Lady Olivia’s Butterfly
    A Little Deception

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    or through her website at: www.beverleyoakley.com