The Gypsy and the Gentleman

The Gypsy and the GentlemanLord Henry Milbank dreads the forthcoming London Season knowing that his title and pocketbook will make him a matrimonial target.

He wants to be loved for himself.

So when matchmaking queen, Antoinette Lady Quamby, suggests he assume the role of dancing tutor at her week-long “Instruction in the Art of Graceful Accomplishments”, he readily agrees. As a supposed menial in a grand household, he will be able to observe the true natures of the ten young ladies invited to the gathering.

When Miss Matilda receives an invitation to Lady Quamby’s Graceful Accomplishments House Party, she has no wish to go as the event coincides with the impending visit to the district of the young man she admires from afar, but of whom her guardian disapproves.

By chance, a gypsy fortune-teller who shares her name solves her problem.

Tilly, skilled at impersonating young ladies of fashion, strikes a bargain to attend Lady Quamby’s Graceful Accomplishments House Party in her stead, without Matilda’s guardian being any the wiser.

While solving Matilda’s immediate problem, Tilly also has a reason to attend Lady Quamby’s. Four years earlier, she’d deposited her late sister’s illegitimate son in the Foundling Basket near the Quamby estate and she’s keen to discover the child’s fate.

Consulting her crystal ball reassures Tilly that her mission to fool everyone that she is a young lady of fashion will be successful.

But there’s a strange murkiness in her future that she can’t quite understand.

And an aura about Mr Milbank that is threatening the armour encasing her heart.

Read The Gypsy and the Gentleman for a joyful romp through Regency pomp and circumstance where nobody is who they say they are.


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