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Feel like an intrigue-laden 'Dynasty-esque' series about two nobly-born sisters and their illegitimate half-sisters bringing to justice a handsome, dangerous traitor?

Then try out my  Daughters of Sin series, available at all retailers, here.

Or my light-hearted Scandalous Miss Brightwells Series in which two irrepressible sisters who've made rags-to-riches marriages set about match-making for a variety of unlikely candidates with near disastrous consequences.

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There's action, drama, passion and suspense in my Hearts in Hiding series, above, and betrayal and redemption in my Fair Cyprians of London series, both in Kindle Unlimited.

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Scandalous Miss Brightwell Series - Available in KU

Rake's Honour

What’s a girl to do when she has no money but must marry well?

When her father has died a debtor and her reprobate brother is intent on gambling away what little else remains?

When her feather-brained sister risks the family reputation by succumbing to any lure cast her way?

Why, her mother, Lady Brightwell, has just the plan! Her intelligent, beautiful daughter is to be sacrificed to a lecherous baron with gout and carbuncles in order to keep the family in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed.

Only, there’s the rub.

Lady Brightwell’s daughter Fanny might be intelligent and beautiful. But she’s also rebellious, clever and strong-willed.

And when her passionate heart is brought to life by a chance encounter with a dashing viscount, the fact he’s looking for a wealthy bride is of no account.

This is the story of Fanny's perilous gamble amidst a London season's offerings of debutantes with far greater address - but far less cunning - for the ultimate prize: dashing, delicious, dazzling Lord Fenton.

Sit back and enjoy this racy, Regency romp but do ensure your smelling salts are at hand - because Fanny Brightwell is prepared to risk everything to save herself from a lifetime attending to Great Aunt Seraphina's chilblains or massaging lecherous Lord Slyther’s gargantuan ego – amongst other things.

Book 1: Rake's Honour
Book 2: Rogue's Kiss
Book 3: Devil's Run
Book 4: The Accidental Elopement

What readers are saying:

"Steamy and passionate... A good light-hearted read." ~ Amazon reader

"A fast-paced story, filled with humour, sexual attraction, love and desperation. The first in a series of novels set in a time when chastity and honour were everything." ~ Amazon reader.

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Fair Cyprians of London Series

Saving Grace

Grace Fortune trusts no one after she was betrayed by the man she once loved.

Now, she's the most popular 'Cyprian' at Madame Chambon's high-class London House of Assignation, consort of aristocrats and princes.

As Faith prepares for her next job as the special initiation ‘gift’ procured by a mother in fashionable Mayfair for her son’s twenty-first birthday, she plans her revenge.

But revenge has a habit of turning the tables.

What the Readers are Saying:

“Writer was able to get a 7-course meal into a sandwich sized novel. It was exciting and emotional. Sexy and romantic.”

“This is one of the most interesting stories on why a girl might become an escort.. The twists and turns are breathtaking...I couldn't put this down.”

“Oh my! This story just makes you fall in love! It's exciting. It never lags. And what a most satisfying ending!”

(This book was originally published by Pan Macmillan Momentum and has since been revised.)

Heat Rate: Sizzling

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Daughters of Sin Series

Her Gilded Prison

She was determined to secure the succession, he was in it for the pleasure. Falling in love was not part of the arrangement.

When dashing twenty-five-year-old Stephen Cranborne arrives at the estate he will one day inherit, it’s expected he will make a match with his beautiful second cousin, Araminta

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Hearts In Hiding Series - Available in KU

The Duchess and the Highwayman

A duchess disguised as a lady’s maid; a gentleman parading as a highwayman. She’s on the run from a murderer, he’s in pursuit of one.

Married off at a young age to a brutal nobleman, Phoebe, Lady Cavanaugh, longs for love—and enters into a risky affair. Framed for her husband’s murder, she flees wearing only a blood-stained chemise and is rescued by a handsome ‘highwayman’ who believes she’s Lady Cavanaugh’s maidservant.

Hugh Redding has his own reasons for hunting the man whose mission is to see the infamous and elusive Murdering Duchess hanged for murder. And Phoebe, the 'maidservant with aspirations above her station’ might prove the very weapon he needs—once he teaches her how to behave like a lady.

Only when Phoebe mysteriously disappears does Hugh realise the real identity of the spirited wench he’d set out to tame—and the danger she's in.

Burdened by the knowledge of his unwitting role in placing Phoebe in mortal peril, Hugh must now polish his skills as a gentleman, not only to save Phoebe from the gallows, but to win back her heart.

What the Readers Say:

"The plot is fast-paced and the heat level was to my taste. A good read in my opinion." ~ Amazon reader

“Poor Phoebe. Framed for murder, she flees her home…and ends up as a highwayman's mistress. Her life has hit a downward spiral. When she's at rock bottom, all she can rely on is her lover. But will he believe her innocent or condemn her like everyone else?

The story highlighted a women's role in chauvinistic times and is a strong social commentary.” ~ Kindle Reader

“Story appeals if you enjoy many twists and turns with a heart bounding finish. Pick up today and start your adventure now!” ~ Kindle Reader

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Georgian Romance Series

Wicked Wager

Wicked WagerCan innocence survive the machinations of a malevolent society beauty and a charismatic rake?

Two weeks before her nuptials to her cold, harsh cousin, virtuous Celeste Rosington finds herself in the arms of notorious libertine, Lord Peregrine.

The unexpected encounter is, at first, shocking, but as his charm weaves its magic, becomes a welcome distraction from her troubles. Isn’t she already the subject of whispers due to her involvement in the mysterious disappearance of a wealthy plantation magnate - a role, orchestrated by her demanding husband-to-be?

A role in which Celeste failed spectacularly.

Nevertheless, Celeste has no intention of sacrificing all of her scruples for a man she knows is only toying with her. One kiss from handsome, charismatic Viscount Peregrine will surely be enough to give her the strength to fulfil her marital obligations?

But what if one kiss is not enough?

With her reputation in the balance, Celeste soon finds herself navigating the treacherous waters of envy, intrigue and deadly secrets, unaware she’s a pawn in a wicked wager between a ruthless society beauty and delicious, dissolute Lord Peregrine.

Could Peregrine really be a party to such perfidious plans? Will his reckless charm be the final undoing of a young woman once respected for her virtue and piety?

Or will Peregrine discover that true love is more powerful than greed and ambition in time to save Celeste from the terrible fate that otherwise awaits her?

*Wicked Wager was previously published by Harlequin Escape under the name Beverley Eikli. This exciting, fast-paced Georgian romance with mystery and intrigue has since been revised.

Here's what the readers say:

“Cloaked in mystery and dark agendas Wicked Wager…is a wonderful expedition into intrigue and romance! Nothing is as it seems in this book and as the story evolved clues and romance built.” ~ Jenerated Reviews.

“The author knows how to weave a web full of mystery and suspense, and I had a great time relating to the heroine. Wicked Wager isn't the typical historical romance, it's very complex and intense.” ~ Amazon Reader

“A great novel about a lord who is bored and likes playing games, especially when there are women involved. The game playing is fun and the romantic aspect …is great.” ~ Amazon Reader

“A powerful page-turner with a compelling romance, a gripping 'edge of the seat' mystery and characters that held me spellbound.” ~ Amazon Reader

"Full of mystery, intrigue, and romance. This book is set aside from all others. Totally immersible and hadn't realised I had finished it until I turned the last page. What a book!!"~ Kindle Reader

Available from all retailers here.

Latest Releases

Wedding Violet (Fair Cyprians of London - Book 3)

Wedding VioletAbandoned at the altar, Max, Lord Belvedere believes he’s evaded family obligation in favour of a life of adventuring in Africa. But his ailing Aunt Euphemia has other ideas.

When Max finds himself in the delightfully diverting arms of Violet Lilywhite while visiting London’s most prestigious House of Assignation, he happens upon the perfect plan. A sham wedding to a ‘penniless shop girl’ should fulfil Aunt Euphemia’s romantic dreams without losing him his newfound liberty.

Violet agrees to the deception with no hesitation. Lord Belvedere is certainly the most charming and surprising of all her male consorts but she has no illusions about a shared future. She wants only to escape the clutches of infamous Madame Chambon.

The plan appears perfect until Max and Violet find themselves falling in love.

Can Max give up his plans for freedom in an exciting new land? Or is freedom to be found in the arms of the woman he loves?

What Readers Say About the Series:

“Max Belvedere & Violet Lilywhite's story was beyond beautiful. He was determined to seek his freedom at any cost. She believed herself ruined beyond redemption. Together they will discover that nothing in life is impossible. Highly Recommend.”

“This is one of the most interesting stories on why a girl might become an escort. The twists and turns are breathtaking...I couldn't put this down.”

“Oh my! This story just makes you fall in love! It's exciting. It never lags. And what a most satisfying ending!”

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