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Hello – you’ve found it! The cheapest place to buy my audiobooks!

Audiobooks that you purchase direct from me are delivered through Bookfunnel. They will be in your Bookfunnel library forever. There is no ongoing fee or subscription.

My audiobooks are also at all the major retailers – but buying direct means that I make more $, and you pay less. That’s how this works.

Download Bookfunnel’s Player App.

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Once you’ve purchased your ebook, you’ll receive an email from Bookfunnel with the link to retrieve it. If you don’t already have the Bookfunnel Audio App, you’ll also receive the link to download the App. at the same time – or download it here – and create a login. The app is very easy to use. If you buy a book (or grab a freebie), you’ll get an email with links to the books and simple instructions. If you’re not sure about this, I suggest you start with a freebie.

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Forsaking Hope
Forsaking Hope

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