Extract from The Countess and the Cavalier

The countess and the cavalierI hope everyone is doing OK wherever they are in the world.

Here in Victoria, Australia, we’re one week into another six weeks of lockdown and, as of Thursday, masks are mandated. ($200 on-the-spot fines if you’re not wearing a mask outside your house.)

Of course, it’s wearisome and worrying but there’s general acceptance that this is the only way to eradicate this virus so we can get back to business – without more deaths and without our hospitals being overwhelmed. And, of course, it’s not just deaths but the ongoing complications for those who do contract it. But that’s a whole, horrible topic on its own, that I could talk about with some authority (though it’s someone close to me, not me who fell ill).

Rather, this is my grand hurrah for the release on July 25th of The Countess and the Cavalier.

So, if you are interested in a bit of a teaser, here is the blurb, followed by an extract.

Happy Reading!


The Countess and the Cavalier

Forced to wed against her will at seventeen, beautiful Elizabeth Drummond’s loyalties are tested eight years later when her husband is imprisoned by the Royalist lover she was forced to surrender through duty.

Drummond Castle, home of staunch Puritan Silas Drummond and his beautiful wife Elizabeth, has been besieged by Royalist forces.

When the Commander of the hated King’s Men agrees to spare Silas’s life in return for a night with Elizabeth, she agrees.

Elizabeth may have been forced by her father to wed the cold-hearted Puritan, but an honourable wife will do whatever is within her power to save her husband.

But second-in-command Charles Trethveyan has other ideas. Eight years before, he and Elizabeth had been deeply in love. He’s not forgotten Elizabeth’s betrayal in relinquishing him to marry Silas.

When Elizabeth discovers that her former Cavalier lover has taken the place of his superior, and that she will spend the night with the man she’s never stopped loving, she realises she is treading a delicate tightrope.

Is Charles motivated by love or revenge? How much does Silas know and guess?

Whichever way she responds to Charles, her actions will have devastating consequences.

The Countess and the Cavalier is the fourth book in the Hearts in Hiding series but can be read on its own.

♥♥♥ WarningThis steamy, passionate romance about revenge and forgiveness will have you on the edge of your seat and reaching for the tissue box. ♥♥♥

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Drummond Castle has just been overrun by the ‘enemy’ and my heroine makes a bargain with the Commander of the King’s Men:

“You promise to guarantee my husband’s life?” she whispered. “In writing?”
Reynolds nodded, his pen still poised above the paper. “In writing. With all my men as witnesses. Tomorrow your husband will walk out of Drummond Castle, with this paper guaranteeing his free passage, if you agree to my proposition. And so will you, depending on your willingness, Lady Drummond.”
Elizabeth was conscious of Silas’ pent-up hatred. Reynolds’ supercilious smile filled her with a similar emotion. She dared not trust him but they were helpless. Icily, she said, “Allow me five minutes alone with my dear husband so I can persuade him of the merits of this bargain.”
“A final tender moment between the two of you seems fitting.”
Above her husband’s roared objection, Elizabeth inclined her head. “You are accountable to a great many men, Captain Reynolds.”
She caught Silas’ look, mad with rage. “Do not do this to save me, wife, for I’d rather be dead than the husband of a whore to this…”
Nettled, she managed coolly, “And I’d rather see you walk free tonight so you can fight another day and our children will still have a father when this war is over.”
“The agreement is between your wife and myself.” Reynolds looked at Silas with contempt. “I’d throw you to the wolves if I could.”
They all turned at the sound of desultory clapping.
A man appeared from the darkened outer reaches of the room, raising his head, which caught the light from beneath the shadow of his broad-brimmed hat. Like Reynolds’, his hair was light and curling, but it was his own rather than a wig and he was a little younger. Judging by the fine silk and leather of his clothes, he was clearly of similar rank.
“If now is the time for bargains,” he said, crisply, “let me propose one of my own.”
The look in Reynolds’ eye made plain that he half expected what it might be, and that he was not pleased.
“Captain Charles Trethveyan at your service.” The newcomer rose from his bow with a flourish, his smile trained on Elizabeth, who lowered her head, more terrified than she had been hitherto of anything else that the fierce pounding of her heart and the fire in her cheeks would betray her. To her husband, most of all.
She could not look at Charles, though her initial glimpse of him showed him to be as handsome as she remembered. His physique was stronger now that he was a man, and his jaw had firmed, but his mouth was curved in just that half ironic way she remembered so well. Her heart thudded to the pit of her stomach. Had he just arrived? Did he know he’d find her here? A million unanswered questions crowded her brain, pushing aside her concern for her husband’s fate and the implications of the bargain she’d just made with Reynolds.
The two Cavaliers were engaged in low dialogue. Silas’ shoulders heaved beneath his suppressed emotion. He knew exactly who Charles Trethveyan was. That he was the suitor over whom Elizabeth had waged a long and protracted battle with her father.
He wouldn’t know that it was his image Elizabeth conjured up every night to block out the unpleasant reality of her husband. The cold hard truth was, however, that Charles had not been there when she’d needed him.
The reflection enabled her to finally look at him as he and Reynolds continued their discussion, terminated abruptly by Reynolds’ harsh tones.
“Another time, Trethveyan!” Reynolds rose swiftly, closing the distance between him and Elizabeth as he thrust the signed parchment at her. “Our agreement in writing. Now, I’m tired and hungry and I have no wish to entertain company.” His tone was churlish though he darted a calculated glance in Silas’ direction as he added, “I wish to rest as I’ll need all my energy for tonight.” He clapped his hands. “Take them away. Separate quarters for both of them.”
“You granted my request for five minutes with my husband,” Elizabeth reminded him, stepping forward.
He waved at one of the guards. “Five minutes—that’s all.”

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See me over at Historical Harlots for some Matchmaking Fun

Historical harlotsI’d love you to visit Historical Harlots on July 6 for some fun and games … and prizes to win. Yes, it’ll be party-time for the release of The Honourable Fortune Hunter!

In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from when my lovely Lizzy is rescued from a carriage accident that plunged her into the river, by my honourable hero, Theo, who now doesn’t know what to do with her. In this scene, they’re in a donkey cart and Theo has just learned there are no rooms available at the local inn. Now he’s trying to find out where else he can deposit her.


Lizzy sighed. “I wish I’d not told you my real name. At the third Ladies Seminary I was sent to, I started to call myself Miss Marzipan, that being something that I’m quite partial to, but was never allowed because Mrs Hodge refused me anything beyond porridge. I could only imagine what most sweetmeats tasted like since Mrs Hodge, who looks after me, refused me every pleasure in life.”

“Indeed?” Theo said, unmoved. “And did she lock you up in the attic, tied to a chair, and feed you only bread and water every three days, too?”
“Near enough. But Mabel risked her life to smuggle in the victuals necessary to sustain mine, didn’t you, Mabel?” Miss Scott turned her head to address Mabel cheerfully.

“Now, miss, I didn’t quite risk me life, but—” the maid began doubtfully, earning a grumble from her mistress as the girl turned back to Theo.
“Mabel has loyalty and good sense in abundance, but she has no sense of occasion.”

“But a proper sense of occasion is rather necessary, given the seriousness of this one, don’t you think?” Theo enquired. While he found her chatter momentarily diverting, his concerns over the next few hours prevented him from entering into conversation that was a little more lighthearted. “We need to get you somewhere safe and respectable.”

“But you have already decided you can’t do that tonight, surely? It’s too dark to go anywhere,” she pointed out. She clutched the blanket to her and shivered theatrically. “Unless I am warmed in front of a blazing fire very soon, I shall catch my death of cold—and it will be at your door, Mr McAlister.”

She could have no idea of the chill her supposedly lighthearted words sent through him. Theo stared woodenly ahead and tried to ignore the cacophony of images—newsprint pages and parodies involving him and a young woman, now dead—that had all but destroyed his life.
“What would Mrs Hodge say?” he managed, instead. Lame words but the only safe, innocuous words he could manage.

“She won’t know, and we don’t need to tell her. She’s a bitter, sour old puss, and I’m the opposite of her; as sweet as marzipan. Surely I’d be a nice addition to your evening?” She stretched her arms, adding, “You can send me on my way tomorrow. But for now, I shan’t be any bother, I promise.” The way her mouth turned up did nothing to improve his humour.

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Fair Cyprians – The Complete Boxset is now available!

Fair Cyprians Boxset 1-5Yesterday was a day of portentous endings for our family. Virgin Australia’s new owner was announced and so was the cessation of its international fleet of Airbuses and Boeing 777s – and I finished The Honourable Fortune Hunter and sent it to my editor.

We can’t do anything about the former but I’ve done my best with the latter. The Honourable Fortune Hunter is a humorous, fast-paced Regency romance about two people who must make the best of a bad situation – but when all is said and done, their love for one another is too strong and compromise is no longer an option.

Immediately after sending Fortune Hunger away for the final line-check, I put together the complete box set for the 5 books in my Fair Cyprians of London series.

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Love, passion, honour and redemption. 5 full-length Victorian romances filled with mystery and intrigue.

Meet the women who work at Madame Chambon’s notorious high-class London House of Assignation.

 The ruined governess, the ambitious artist’s muse, the betrayed housemaid and the abandoned vicar’s daughter all have one thing in common: the determination to triumph over misfortune and to find love and their heart’s desire.


Grace Fortune trusts no one after she was betrayed by the man she once loved.

Now, she’s the most popular ‘Cyprian’ at Madame Chambon’s high-class London House of Assignation, consort of aristocrats and princes.

As grace prepares for her next job as the special initiation ‘gift’ procured by a mother in fashionable Mayfair for her son’s twenty-first birthday, she plans her revenge.

But revenge delivers the last thing she expected.


Honour? Or her heart’s desire?

Two years ago, Felix Lord Durham believed that Hope, the vicar’s beautiful daughter, had chosen to live in Germany as a governess rather than accept the marriage proposal he’d hinted at.

Why else would she have failed to appear for their final secret assignation? Why else would Felix be given snippets about her new life on the Continent from various sources?

Now the divine “Miss Hope” is in Felix’s bed – a surprise gift from his friends designed to lift his spirits and sourced from London’s most exclusive brothel, Madame Chambon’s.

Despite feeling betrayed, Felix can’t bear to lose her again, but Hope Merriweather is bound to her new life by a dark secret. Having sacrificed the man she loves once already, she must choose again: Honour or her heart’s desire?


Revenge is sweet until it breaks your heart.

Four years ago, Faith’s mysterious benefactress falsely accused her of stealing and deposited her in Madame Chambon’s exclusive brothel.

There, Faith was to learn how to entrance London’s noble gentlemen with her learning in philosophy, politics and art.

Her body was to be saved for the greatest enticement of all: revenge.

Faith doesn’t care what she has to do. She lives only to fulfil a bargain that will set her free.

But when Faith is recruited as the muse of a talented, sensitive painter whose victory in a prestigious art competition turns them both into celebrities overnight, she discovers the reasons behind her mission are very different from what she’d been led to believe.

Now she is complicit in something dark and dangerous while riches, adulation and freedom are hers for the taking.

But what value are these if her heart has become a slave to the man she is required to destroy?




Abandoned at the altar, Max, Lord Belvedere believes he’s evaded family obligation in favour of a life of adventuring in Africa. But his ailing Aunt Euphemia has other ideas.

When Max finds himself in the delightfully diverting arms of Violet Lilywhite while visiting London’s most prestigious House of Assignation, he happens upon the perfect plan. A sham wedding to a ‘penniless shop girl’ should fulfil Aunt Euphemia’s romantic dreams without losing him his newfound liberty.

Violet agrees to the deception with no hesitation. Lord Belvedere is certainly the most charming and surprising of all her male consorts but she has no illusions about a shared future. She wants only to escape the clutches of infamous Madame Chambon.

The plan appears perfect until Max and Violet find themselves falling in love.

Can Max give up his plans for freedom in an exciting new land? Or is freedom to be found in the arms of the woman he loves?




Reluctant courtesan, Charity, has found true love with Hugo, her first and only client.


But when poet and artist, Hugo, is tricked into gambling away his impending inheritance, Charity finds herself at the mercy of Madam Chambon and her infamous house of ill-repute.

Can the two young lovers thwart the conspiracy between Hugo’s social-climbing father, and slippery cousin Cyril, so Hugo can make Charity his Christmas bride?



Filled with mystery and intrigue, these passionate Victorian romances with a twist will have you on the edge of your chair until the very last page.


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Excerpt from The Honourable Fortune Hunter

The Honourable Fortune HunterThe next book in the Scandalous Miss Brightwells series is only a few weeks away.
It’s called The Honourable Fortune Hunter and here’s a teaser.

Lizzy, my heroine, has just been rescued by the hero who pulled her out of a sinking carriage. After reluctantly putting her up for the night, he’s now delivering her to the Brightwells so she can take part in their 5-day house party to which she was invited.
But to which Theo was explicity excluded – for very mysterious reasons.


“You didn’t attend to a word I said and it really was a most thrilling part,” Lizzy complained.

“I attended to every word,” Theo protested, opening his eyes.

“Then what did Louis say to Adeline after realising he’d fallen in love with her?”

Theo opened his mouth but no sound came out.

“I knew it!” Lizzy sounded triumphant. “You haven’t attended to a word and yet Romance of the Forest is the most thrilling and exciting of all Mrs Radcliffe’s novels.” She exhaled in frustration, then focussed on the page in front of her and quoted: ‘I should esteem myself most happy, if I could be of service to you.’ ” Raising her head, she looked over the top of the book and narrowed her eyes. “That’s what Louis – who is Madame and Pierre’s son whom Adeline met in the forest after he comes searching for his parents – says to Adeline. And it’s a very apt sentence, too, because those are my own sentiments, Mr McAlister. Only, I wish you’d invite me to call you by your Christian name. I wouldn’t dream of doing so, otherwise, but in view of all we’ve been through together—”

“Don’t say anything of that!” He dropped his hand, which he’d raised, like his voice, in sudden alarm, immediately adding, “I’m sorry, Lizzy, I didn’t mean to shout. I just…” He sighed again. “I don’t want you to be harmed by your association with me. People will talk. I’ve been considering whether we should part company in the village so that you arrive at Quamby house, alone.”

“And you’d follow, later?”

“No, I’d make my own way home.”

“But…that wasn’t at all the plan we discussed this morning.” She sounded distressed. “Why, this morning, I was going to be your salvation. I was going to be the means by which you’d be once again embraced by society for they’d have no choice but to offer you to stay once they heard about how heroic you’d been.”

“I wasn’t heroic in the slightest, and you know it.” Despite himself, Theo smiled. “I simply did what any bystander would do and extended you an arm to drag you out of the water.”

“No, you did so much more—!”

“Look, Lizzy,” he cut her off, “I know it fits in with your notions of romance to be the heroine who ensures I’m redeemed. But you don’t know all the sordid facts. You don’t know what occurred all those months ago that had people pegging me as the most unconscionable of villains. I’m just surprised you haven’t heard of me.” He rolled his eyes and studied the faded leatherwork of the carriage ceiling, adding, “But you’ll have no shortage of offers from the guests at Quamby House telling you of my supposed crimes.”

“Then why don’t you tell me of them, in your own words? You seem such a … placid fellow… they can’t be that bad.”

“Placid fellow!” If she’d called him a dangerous rakehell or a villainous ruffian she couldn’t have offended him more. “Placid fellow? You think I’m a placid fellow?” Theo was leaning forward now, realising his tone had been much too harsh, and that he was much too close as his eyes bored into hers and he saw the dark pupils of her lovely eyes widen just a few inches from his.

He threw himself back against the squabs as she defended her opinion, saying with a frown, “Well, you have a rather defeated air about you, if you want the truth. When you ran down the river bank and pulled me out of the water, I was very impressed, for you were very energetic and heroic. But then—” She put her head on one side as if to contemplate the matter, adding – “it was as if everything was too much trouble, after that. And now it seems as if it’s too much trouble to even try to get yourself an invitation and therefore a chance to set the record straight so that people will be forced to know the truth, and not what the rumours would have you guilty of.”

Theodore took a moment to formulate a response. He certainly didn’t want to admit that her words couldn’t be more on the money; that he was so afraid of being publicly shamed – again – that he’d rather not take the chance of trying to clear his name.

Lizzy continued to stare at him, waiting patiently, not smiling; just curious. He’d told her nothing and yet she seemed to have formulated a quiet confidence that he could not possibly be guilty of the crimes others would lay at his door.

Carefully, he asked, “Have you ever done something to help someone … but the evidence paints you as a wrongdoer… and there’s not a thing you can do about it?”

“I’d have to think about that, Mr McAlister—”

“You can call me Theo.”

“Oh, thank you!” Her smile lit up her whole face. “Now I feel like you’re at last letting your guard down and I promise you I shall repay the compliment – and your bravery – and do what I can to rectify this terrible situation that’s obviously giving you sleepless nights.”

“They’ll tell you I’m a philanderer who kidnapped a young lady on her way to her wedding.” Theo had his head sunk in his hands so he couldn’t see the horror in her eyes.

He glanced up when he heard her gasp but to his surprise her expression was rapt with wonder. “How romantic!”

“No!” He shook his head. “It wasn’t romantic at all! It was terrible. What I mean to say is… it all went so terribly wrong!”

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The next book in the Scandalous Miss Brightwells is here!

The Honourable Fortune HunterI’m very excited to tell you about The Honourable Fortune Hunter which I’ve been feverishly writing during this lockdown.

It actually started out as quite another book – Five Golden Flings – which is my inclusion in our fabulous Christmas Box Set I’m doing with 11 other well-known historical romance authors.

However, I just couldn’t get the ‘five flings’ thing to work. My heroine Lizzy was having none of it. No, she had two fortune hunters dangling after her; so I just decided to keep writing to see where the story went.

When I reached the second to last chapter, I still couldn’t decide how this story was going to resolve itself. If you’ve read my other work, I like to have an unexpected twist at the end, and I’ve discovered that the best way to make this work so as not to appear contrived, is to go back to the beginning of my story, and edit.

This enables me to get to know my characters better. For example, in this story, Lizzy’s awful benefactress, Mrs Hodge, is selling Lizzy off to a fortune Hunter in exchange for some of Lizzy’s fortune. But why would she do this?

And my lovely hero could marry Lizzy. Except, if he’s to retain the ‘honourable’ moniker, he can’t.

I just didn’t know why not, though, because Theo wasn’t revealing his secrets.

Now I’m a third of the way through editing and very confident I can pull off an ending that works.

Ah, but it’s the unexpected plot twists and surprise in an intrigue-filled, humorous Regency romance like this one that really makes me a happy writer.

And who cares that I’m not allowed to leave my house and see other people during this lock-down?

I have my wonderful Theor McAlister and vibrant Lizzy Scott to lead me down rabbit holes and keep me entertained!

I hope you are all staying well and not suffering too much during these strange and difficult times.

And if you want to check out the blurb or get pre-order The Honourable Fortune Hunter, which will be released on July 7, you can do here at a discount, since the price will go up after July 7.

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Once Upon a Christmas Wedding Box set is Live!

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Do you love a Christmas romance? And weddings?

Grab the mistletoe and the confetti! You’re in for such a treat.

Twenty-seven lovely historical romance authors have come together to create a collection you won’t want to miss.

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‘Tis the season… for wedding bells!

But, the path of true love never did run smooth… as our brides and grooms soon discover.

From the snowbound Highlands to candlelit ballrooms, follow our fearless heroines as they scorn etiquette and defy danger in pursuit of their heart’s desire.

Twenty-seven heart-warming historical romances, all set during the festive season.

by Annabelle Anders

by Tessa Candle

by Laura Trentham

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by S. Cinders

by Sky Purington

by Dayna Quince

by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

by Virginia Taylor

by Amy Sandas

by Vanessa Brooks

by Celeste Jones

by Celeste Barclay

by Merry Farmer

by Em Brown

by Scarlett Scott

Once Upon a Christmas Wedding Historical Romance Box Set

It’s been a while since I posted and it’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to exciting news. I’ve been doing a lot of flying – Hong Kong, around the state of Victoria where I live, and another trip into South Australia where my family lives.

Once upon a Christmas Wedding Box Set

In terms of gala reveals, I think nothing beats our amazing Once Upon a Christmas Wedding Box set that I’m thrilled to be part of. With a lineup of 27 best-selling international authors, we’ve been quietly and secretly putting together our offering which will be available a little later this month. For the first couple of weeks it’ll be on Amazon at a discounted rate – and free in Kindle Unlimited – after which the price will rise. And then after Christmas, it will be no more. So you’ll have to grab it when it’s here.

But don’t worry, I’ll let you know as soon as it’s released – since it won’t be on pre-order.

What is my book in the collection about?

I thought you’d never ask! It’s called Christmas Charity and it’s part of my Fair Cyprians of London series. Christmas Charity will be Book 5 in the series which features a group of spirited, enterprising young women who find themselves working for notorious brothel-keeper Madam Chambon, the owner of London’s most high class House of Assignation.

Charity is the daughter of a governess who’d had her out of wedlock having been seduced – then abandoned – by a handsome visitor to the household where she’d worked. When her mother had died, Charity had had to fend for herself, but the kind woman she’d met on the coach hadn’t directed her to where she could find work as a servant, she’d directed her to Madame Chambon, procuress for her high class House of Assignation.

Fortunately for Charity, her very first client is her soul mate. Hugo is a virgin, sent to Madame Chambon’s by his tyrannical father to lean to ‘be a man’. He’s also kind, sensitive and a talented painter.

But Hugo’s social-climbing father is determined that, with his newly acquired (though trade-tainted) fortune, his son is going to marry into the aristocracy.

And so his steely ambition to see his family rise in the world is pitted against Hugo’s gentle determination to marry the girl he loves.

Of course, you’ll want the blurb for Christmas Charity, which goes like this:

Reluctant courtesan, Charity, has found true love with Hugo, her first and only client. But when poet and artist, Hugo, is tricked into gambling away his impending inheritance, Charity finds herself at the mercy of Madam Chambon and her infamous house of ill-repute.

Can the two young lovers thwart the conspiracy between Hugo’s social-climbing father, and slippery cousin Cyril, so Hugo can make Charity his Christmas bride?

Stay tuned until the next snippet reveal. There are 27 fabulous stories in this wonderful box set so you’re in for a treat!

Historical costumes

1912 Titanic dressAs you might know – or have guessed if you’ve read any of my FB posts or guest blogs – I love historical costuming.

So this is a short post with a few pictures of my projects – completed and future – and my ideas around them.

On Friday afternoon, the house experienced the chaos before the calm as we prepared for our daughter’s 18th birthday party, which was Titanic-themed.

So, of course, she needed a dress and I made her this 1912 recreation. She also needed a corset, so I drafted this from an earlier era – the 1880s, actually, but that’s what she thought she’d get most use out of as she wanted something to draw in her waist rather than the more elongated corset of the 1912 era.


Here’s the dress that was the initial inspiration (with its tiny waist), but of course finding the right quality fabric when one doesn’t live in the city and has time constraints presents certain challenges. And I really like to feel the texture of the fabric before I buy.

 Although clothing looked far less structured, there is still boning in the bodice and it does require a corset. However, the gauzy fabric gives a more floaty impression while the decoration of beads and metallic trimmings weighted the fabric so it didn’t fly away.

Next post I’ll show you the two 1880s original dress patterns I’ve bought as well as the original fashion plates from one of my favourite eras.

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Wedding Violet Extract (New pre-order)

Wedding VioletA few days ago I returned from South Australia after a week of painting and plastering our three cottages there. I’m about to post some pictures on Facebook but suffice to say it was great fun, though tiring! Especially the ten-hour drive home which I did on my own as my husband had to fly to Hong Kong.

So, now I’m back into the thick of work and writing my next story – Wedding Violet. Here’s a taster with the first chapter for you to read. I’m crazily getting it finished during the next few days so my editor can read it before she goes on her cruise.

I hope you enjoy it!

Wedding Violet

Abandoned at the altar, Max, Lord Belvedere believes he’s evaded family obligation in favour of a life of adventuring in Africa. But his ailing Aunt Euphemia has other ideas.

When Max finds himself in the delightfully diverting arms of Violet Lilywhite while visiting London’s most prestigious House of Assignation, he happens upon the perfect plan. A sham wedding to a ‘penniless shop girl’ should fulfil Aunt Euphemia’s romantic dreams without losing him his newfound liberty.

Violet agrees to the deception with no hesitation. Lord Belvedere is certainly the most charming and surprising of all her male consorts but she has no illusions about a shared future. She wants only to escape the clutches of infamous Madame Chambon.

The plan appears perfect until Max and Violet find themselves falling in love.

Just as it seems Aunt Euphemia will have her romantic finale, a shock discovery threatens the foundation of Max and Violet’s relationship, challenging their belief in love, their trust and their hopes for a future together.

What Readers Say About the Series:

“Writer was able to get a 7-course meal into a sandwich sized novel. It was exciting and emotional. Sexy and romantic.”

“This is one of the most interesting stories on why a girl might become an escort.. The twists and turns are breathtaking…I couldn’t put this down.”

“Oh my! This story just makes you fall in love! It’s exciting. It never lags. And what a most satisfying ending!”

Heat Level: Hot (though certainly not at the expense of the story)!

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