The Honourable Fortune Hunter (Scandalous Miss Brightwells – Book 5)

The Honourable Fortune HunterLizzy Scott can’t wait six years for her inheritance.

Heiress to a fortune, the dazzlingly divine Lizzy should be free to make a love match, but her controlling and sadistic guardian, Mrs Hodge, has other plans. She’s promised Lizzy to Mr Dalgleish in exchange for a portion of Lizzy’s inheritance.

While Lizzy knows Mr Dalgleish is only after her money he’s also her best hope to escape the cruelty of Mrs Hodge’s household.

But on her way to meet Mr Dalgleish at Quamby house, Lizzy is rescued by notorious Theodore McAlister, who’s been branded a self-seeking fortune hunter following a scandalous incident a year earlier.

Lizzy wonders if she can trade one fortune hunter for the other after sparks fly between her and the humorous and enigmatic Theo.

But Theodore McAlister is no freer than Lizzy when it comes to making a love match . He’s preparing for a secret marriage, contracted six months earlier, that will undoubtedly excite the gossips but should ensure his acceptance into polite society.

It looks like Lizzy and Theo are destined for loveless marriages, that is unless the scandalous Miss Brightwells can come up with another cunning plot to overcome the twin encumbrances of Theo’s hidden past and Lizzy’s guardian’s designs.

Warning: This story contains humour, awkward situations and sizzling encounters.


Release date: July 7, 2020

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