Okavango Angel

Katherine thought she’d found her heart’s desire – love and an idyllic future running a luxury safari lodge with her handsome game ranger, Aaron.

But an unexpected arrival to their piece of Botswana’s beautiful Okavango Delta threatens Katherine’s plans for the future. Stunning travel agent Holly is not only a dead ringer for Aaron’s runaway fiancée, she’s single, up for adventure…and on the prowl.

If Aaron’s long heart-to-hearts with Holly and out-of-character insistence on stringing up the Christmas mistletoe means what Katherine thinks it does, then it’s time to start getting creative with an exit plan.

But a dignified exit isn’t so easy when African wild dogs and well-meaning guests take matters into their own hands.

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Note: I wrote this story based on my own experiences of managing a luxury safari lodge in the Okavango in the early 1990s. Here’s a picture of me from those days.


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