Win The Glittering Prize in paperback

Do you love a good dose of suspense mixed in with your romance? Then enter my competition for a chance to win a specially dedicated copy of The Glittering Prize. Just let me know what you’d like on the “Dedication Page” and I’ll have it professionally printed, for your library and your reading pleasure. Here’s … Read more

Finding the Right Cover

I confess, I often judge a book by its cover. Although I write (mostly) historical romance or historical romantic suspense or intrigue, I read across the genres. Obviously, a book’s cover indicates genre as well as key elements that will appeal to readers. So, when I got back my rights from Pan Macmillan to Saving … Read more

What’s New for October?

My new website, for starters! In fact, this is the first time I’ve gone into the ‘back end’ to add content – after my fabulous designer, Dave, turned my website into something I’m really proud to show other people. He’s been working on transferring from the old site to this site the content for my … Read more