The Courtesan’s Ball – a new fact/fiction project

During last year’s lockdown my creativity dried up. This year’s lockdown, things are very different. As you might have seen from your international news, Melbourne now has the dubious distinction of being the world’s most locked-down city. We have a curfew, can’t travel beyond 15km (extended recently from 5km), and the only place we can … Read more

The House Party

Bring on the 1820s. In The Wilful Widow, matchmaking sisters Fanny and Antoinette are preparing a lavish week-long House Party at Quamby House… Amongst their guests are the ‘notorious’ widow, beautiful Lady Highcliff, and the gorgeous, kind, and soon-to-be-betrothed Alexander. On the left is a sneak peek of the fashionable ensembles of some of the … Read more

Rake’s Honour Audiobook

Welcome to Book One of my humorous, matchmaking Scandalous Miss Brightwells series!  I hope your smelling salts are on hand! This naughty Regency romp spares no details in its honest portrayal of how wicked and lively Fanny and Antoinette Brightwell made their rags-to-riches marriages and became darlings of the English aristocracy? How did it all … Read more

The Wilful Widow

1827 ~ A shy seven-year-old’s inventive plan to derail her mother’s fifth wedding causes mayhem at Countess Quamby’s country-house party near Bath. Another matchmaking tale from the Scandalous Miss Brightwells series! Wicked and lively Fanny and Antoinette Brightwell have made spectacular marriages—despite scandals and the treachery of a disappointed suitor determined to besmirch their reputations. … Read more

Loving Lily Release Day!

Today is release day for Loving Lily! Do you love stories of kidnapped heroines? Are you intrigued by the late Victorian craze for seances and Spiritualists? Does a hero tortured by his repressive upbringing who falls in love with a “most unsuitable woman” sound like the kind of hero you’d like to read about? If … Read more

Four New Audiobooks

When my kids were little, I loved reading tongue-twister, fun stories to them each night. Dr Seuss’s Sneetches on Beaches was a favourite! The girls loved it when I read it, faster and faster. So, it made sense to read my own audio books. Like anything, one gets better, though everyone has to start, somewhere. … Read more